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I didn't turn my head towards him, but kept my eyes focused on the Turk, and noted the twitch of his lips as he saw me, seated there beside the Guvnor. He was smiling, apparently unaware of Martin, now twenty paces away, slipping his free hand into the folded newspaper. I guessed the paper concealed a pistol, and saw now what was about to happen: the Turk and Dean would each take a bullet to the back of the head before they'd even reached our table, and the Guvnor would walk away, unscathed and uninvolved.

Now Martin was eight paces away.


As London cracks under a blistering heatwave and the UK is rocked by a series of terrorist outrages, Crusher finds himself caught up in a gang war full of carnage, corruption and treachery. To save himself and the girl he loves from being shredded to bloody pulp between opposing factions, Finn must face horrifying risks and impossible choices…

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